Planting cucumber seeds in the greenhouse

Planting cucumber seeds in the greenhouse

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Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse with seeds allows you to get an early harvest of fruits. Most often, this type of cultivation is used by people seeking to cultivate the maximum amount of these rather whimsical vegetables on a small plot of land. Cucumbers are extremely capricious and have a hard time surviving drought and scorching sun, so it is necessary to create optimal conditions for them.

It is worth noting that often even from avid gardeners you can hear that I am sowing, and planting with seeds does not give a good effect even with greenhouse cultivation of cucumbers. In this case, most likely, the problem lies in the violation of the technology for preparing the greenhouse for further use, as well as planting seeds in the ground. If you wish, you can avoid all the mistakes of arranging planting material in a greenhouse in order to get a high-quality crop of cucumbers grown on your site. Sowing cucumbers with seeds in a greenhouse has many subtleties.

Preparing the soil for planting cucumbers with seeds

In order to get a high-quality harvest when planting cucumbers with seeds directly in the greenhouse, you must be extremely responsible in preparing the soil mixture for the further cultivation of these whimsical vegetables. The best option here is a mixture of turf soil and humus with sawdust, and the latter should not be fresh, they need to lie before that for at least 2 years. It is better to start preparing the soil and the entire greenhouse in early spring. Before planting cucumbers, the structure should be treated with special disinfectants.

The soil that is already present in the greenhouse and will be used to prepare an earthen mixture for sowing cucumber seeds must also be treated with special preparations, since in the future a favorable environment for pathogenic fungi and microbes will be created in the greenhouse. At the same time, if there is no sod soil on the site or if the greenhouse was previously often used to grow other vegetables, you can prepare a prefabricated substrate, which should include:

  • ½ peat;
  • ¼ humus;
  • ¼ field soil.

A small amount of sawdust can also be added to this mixture. Fertilizers must be applied to the soil substrate, which create an ideal breeding ground for plants. 1 m²about 15 g of potassium sulfate, 3 g of nitrate and 25 g of superphosphate should be added. After thoroughly mixing all the elements of the soil substrate, it is necessary to form even rows from it in the greenhouse. The depth of the beds for cucumbers in the greenhouse should be at least 25 cm, and the width is about 1 m. In regions where the weather is warm in late spring, it is best to equip such beds on manure or compost.

Processing cucumber seeds for planting in a greenhouse

In order to get a high-quality harvest of cucumbers, first of all, it is necessary to select the right seeds for planting in a greenhouse. It is best to grow hybrid varieties marked with the F1 stroke.

Sowing cucumbers in a greenhouse with seeds can only be done after they have been prepared for a certain amount. You should check the quality of the planting material in advance. The easiest way is to use a saline solution.

To prepare the liquid, you need to put about 10 g of salt in 1 glass of warm water. Next, you should thoroughly stir the salt and add seeds to the solution. Those of them that have surfaced are not suitable for landing. The selected planting material must then be rinsed with sturdy water for several minutes to remove salt residues. After this procedure, the seeds must be disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate for about 20-30 minutes.

Then the seeds are placed for germination. To do this, lay out well-soaked gauze, folded in several layers, on a shallow plate. You will need to place the planting material on 1 end of the gauze and cover with the other. After how many days the sprouts will hatch, it's easy to figure it out, it will be visible in a few days. After germination, the cucumber seeds can be planted in the greenhouse.

Technology of planting cucumber seeds in a greenhouse

Only by figuring out how to plant cucumbers correctly can you get a high-quality harvest. Germinated seeds should be placed in a greenhouse, the air temperature in which should be above + 13 ° C during the day. Sowing cucumbers should be in loose soil to a depth of about 2 cm. The distance between individual plants will be at least 30 cm, and between rows - more than 75 cm. You should not thicken the planting of cucumbers.

Seeds should be planted with the hatched side up.

This will ensure faster germination. Next, you need to thoroughly water the beds. Separately, it should be noted that it is best to plant cucumber seeds in a greenhouse in the morning, and in sunny weather. This is due to the fact that a gradual increase in temperature in the greenhouse throughout the day and the same gradual decrease in the evening will allow young plants to adapt to new conditions. It is difficult to predict how long the seedlings will appear, because in this case it all depends on how the greenhouse warms up. In a favorable season, cucumbers sprout quickly enough.

If frosts are still possible at night, in the greenhouse the beds with planted cucumber seeds should be additionally covered with transparent plastic wrap. It is necessary to water the seeds that have not yet emerged at least 1 time per week. After the development of the first leaves, light mulching of the soil will be required. Top dressing of cucumbers and the formation of lashes can only begin after the first true leaves have reached a height of more than 5 cm.

After planting cucumbers and the appearance of the first shoots, it is necessary to provide the plants with proper care.

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